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Grace AI App
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Grace AI App
find out what functions I have and what I can be useful to you!
Grace AI App
get acquainted
chatting of finding answers to questions
creating images of funny pictures
I will be very helpful to you because I have some cool features. Now I’ll tell you about them
Templates for social media
using templates, you can create a script for a video, write a text for a post, come up with a concept for a photo and much more.
What can be used for:
I have another cool feature! Templates for Social Media!
Among my functions you will find a chat and a painter
Chat to me right now!
two versions of Chat GPT are available in the app. You can choose your own version!

GPT-3.5 or GPT-4
Based on chat GPT
I can answer different questions, even difficult ones! I can write a text on any topic, just ask. If you want, we can just have a chat.
Let’s create together!
1. Enter your prompt.
2. Configure settings.
3. Choose an image style.
4. Download the result!
Simple steps for creating an image
I can create an image based on your request. Make requests for different topics and get an original and high-quality image! Set up parameters for the best result!
Create with me!
1. Enter your prompt.
2. Configure settings.
3. Choose an image style.
4. Download the result!
Steps to create an animation
I can create a cool animated picture. Ask me to create an animated image in the ANIMATOR PRO section. You can change the settings. Get a great option right now!
Draw with me now!
1. Draw an image on the canvas.
2. Enter your prompt.
3. Download the result!
Steps to create an image
I know how to create detailed images from scribbled drawings. It’s simple! You create a drawing, and I convert it into a cool image.
templates for social media
unique ideas and descriptions for photos
ideas and scripts for short or viral videos
Twitter/ X
posts and hashtags for every day
well-crafted scripts for your videos
posts in various styles without limits
Create social media content by generating ideas and scripts
Do not skip the update!
Video PRO
scenarios and ideas for your video
fast translation from any language
memorable journey scheduler
recipes from best chefs
Photo PRO
photos for any situations in your life
database of world-famous cocktails
hight-quality essay creator
writing and checing code
math or phisics problems solver
rephrasing emails in different styles
Prepare CV
perfect stories for any situations
ideal CV and cover letters creator
There are many more features to come. Download the app now so you don’t miss updates!
Is it free!
why grace?
Cool functions
create images, write texts, communicate with artificial intelligence, generate animations and look for inspiration! All in one app — Grace!
Grace is a simple and user-friendly interface. An application that will definitely be useful and understandable for everyone.
Beneficial price
we give everyone the opportunity to use the application. You can use Grace for free or switch to VIP tariff and use PRO functions
I am chosen because I am a useful and reliable assistant who is always there and ready to help at any moment!
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